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Luxury pergolas: what you need to know

Nothing could be better than enjoying beautiful summer nights, or spending hot summer days, outdoors with friends and family. However, the weather may force you to make changes to your plans. But worry not – the ideal solution is always available! An aluminium pergola is simply the best solution. They can protect you from the sun or rain, creating a cosy place to relax, and are a stylish design solution for your backyard.

Aluminium pergolas have become very popular over the past few years, not only because of their convenience but also because of their universal look. They can easily be combined with wooden elements that make them look more natural. The key difference between pergolas and the usual verandas and gazebos is the absence of solid walls and roofs. The frame can have a light canopy made of high-quality cellular polycarbonate or even just be decorated with climbing plants.

What are the best materials to use for pergolas?

If you decide to install a pergola above your terrace or in your garden, you will be surprised by the choice of materials. Despite the relative simplicity of design, there are many different types of pergolas. So, when planning a plant-covered decoration for your garden or backyard, you should take into account that the main criterion for choosing a pergola is its material. Today, the most frequently used materials are:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Plastic

The simplest pergola is a lightweight structure with single or double-slatted bars. Decorative panels are a good structural addition to the sun protection system. They can be made from any material, but aluminium pergolas are especially popular, as they perfectly fit into the overall landscape, and go well with any home decoration.

Top 5 reasons why should you use the best aluminium pergola

A pergola made of aluminium is the most modern type of construction and is characterised by increased strength and durability. Even though such a canopy looks more elegant, it has a higher cost compared to similar structures made of other materials. However, there are some benefits that will convince you to use this metal.

  1. Aluminium pergolas are stronger than some other types of frames. Aluminium is both lightweight and a very durable material. It gives your structure excellent wind resistance and endurance, even under extreme loads. Unlike a wooden or plastic structure, a metal pergola can organically fit into any exterior. Bearing elements can be painted in any colour with special powder coating paint, and then treated with anti-corrosion agents. Remember that an automatic sliding roof system is installed exclusively on aluminium supports. Only aluminium fully complies with the parameters that are necessary for the installation of a protective sliding canopy. Alternative pergola systems will not be able to withstand the loads; this is especially true for plastic pergolas.
  2. Resistant to inclement weather conditions. Even if pergolas are constantly exposed to the sun, rain or wind, aluminium will not be damaged or rust. The material is very easy to maintain and has great strength. No need to sand, paint or apply protective varnishes.
  3. Modern, geometric, and minimalistic designs that fit into a variety of architectural environments. They are aesthetic, multifunctional, and reliable. They can be used as a separate structure or as part of a building. Furthermore, aluminium pergolas keep their original colour. From an aesthetic point of view, this is one of the best options to choose from, as the colour does not deteriorate and retains its original lustre for a long time. Some people still believe that wooden pergolas look more presentable than aluminium structures, but the model made of aluminium has less weight, strict forms, and a modern look. An experienced designer or a manager of a specialised company will help you choose the best solutions for your ideas.
  4. The pergola can be upgraded with practical features such as a floating roof, integrated gutters, safety sensors, and more. It provides the ability to create any necessary configuration and connect several modules to cover any area, whatever the size.
  5. Easy installation and quick dismantling for transfer to a new location. To install a lightweight aluminium pergola on your terrace, no serious preparatory work is needed. One side of the frame is mounted on support posts, the other is attached to the facade. A fabric or plastic canopy extends along horizontal guides. The aluminium pergola system can be a year-round shelter from precipitation or be dismantled for the winter. If necessary, there is the opportunity to disassemble, transport, and install it in another area.

Where can you find the best aluminium pergola kits?

A modern pergola with an aluminium frame creates shelter and shade, so you can always admire nature and spend quality time outside with your family and friends in any weather. You can easily find all the necessary materials and systems both online and offline. Modern companies offer an incredibly wide range of pergolas in various designs and price categories. Make sure you get acquainted with the detailed characteristics of the various manufactured models before you place an order. Often, qualified specialists are ready to design a pergola for you on an individual basis.

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